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Wood Floor Sanding to Restore Your Floor
in El Paso, TX and
Las Cruces, NM

Solid wood floor strip or plank is the traditional version of hardwood flooring, tried and true for centuries, included in the same bracket as solid wood doors, moldings, tables, and more. At one point in time, solid wood floors could be purchased for about the same price as mass-produced and tufted carpet! It’s hard to believe that wood was once so inexpensive to use because anyone who’s planned to install a new wood floor recently knows exactly how much prices have increased relative to the carpet. That’s because wood floors still require more manual labor and craftsmanship as carpets have become mass-produced and machine made. If you already have a wood floor, it’s an investment worth protecting with proper care, and sanding or refinishing the floor is a much more affordable solution than installing a new one in today’s market.

When to Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring

Are your existing hardwood floors starting to show the wear and tear of daily life? Maybe you’re just tired of the tone of your wood floor and feel ready for a new stain color to match your interior design concept or renovation.

Sanding and refinishing the wood is usually the only way to regain the original richness and beauty of a wood floor and can have dramatic results even on very old floors in historic homes. Even though the improvement is significant, the price of restoring your hardwood floor is surprisingly affordable. In fact, it’s far less costly and more sustainable than replacing your floor completely with newly cut solid wood planks.

A beautifully refinished hardwood floor will become a major talking point of your business property or home. Wood Floors by Beto is confident that we can bring your hardwood floor back to life with our refinishing techniques in the El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM areas. Just take a look at some of our completed past projects in the area, or come into our showroom to see samples of our work, stain options, and discuss the refinishing process.

How Refinishing Works

In the hands of a true professional craftsman, your wood floors will get the royal treatment. First, our team will measure your space and determine if sanding is a necessary step to ensure proper adhesion of the new stain or recoating. If your current polyurethane coating is flaking or peeling, we may need to completely sand the floor down to the bare wood in order to care for it correctly and guarantee the new coating will last a long time. We’ll use professional-quality equipment and sand everything by hand to prepare and clean the floor for a smooth, even work surface.

Once the wood is ready, you have the option to choose a new stain or coating color to update the look of the floor. Or, our team can custom-blend a stain that matches the original. Chances are, you’ll be surprised it’s even the same floor!

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