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Get Laminate Floors in El Paso, TX

To keep explanations clear and simple, we at Wood Floors by Beto have created summaries of the top types of flooring our customers want. At the ice cream store, whether you prefer a vanilla sundae, strawberry ice cream, or a scoop of chocolate in a cup, it’s all still delicious. In the flooring industry, the machinery, technique, and product formulas may change or evolve over time but it’s all still high-quality flooring in different “flavors!”

Laminate Floors

In the late 1970s, the idea of laminate flooring originated in Sweden, where detachable cabinetry was popular for its versatility in any kind of space. Pergo Company is said to have invented the first laminate floor. Boasting planks that looked like wood, easy installation methods, and superior scratch resistance, laminate flooring increased in popularity in the early 2000s as a durable, stylish, and affordable flooring choice.

Although laminate plank is not close to being 100% real hardwood, it is often confused for engineered hardwood plank due to its design patterns and similar, general thickness. Even though it mimics wood grain texture, for most industry experts, laminate floors are actually categorized more on the side of luxury vinyl tile or ceramic tile. However, unlike vinyl and tile, laminate boasts a unique manufacturing process. To learn more about how laminate differs from a real, engineered wood floor, visit our wood floors page.

Laminate floors are constructed fairly quickly, relying on modern technology for mass production. The best way to describe the process is like a sandwich of specialized components. If you were to examine the layers, a blown-up illustration shows a heavy-duty adhesive, picture format sheet, a razor-thin but durable clear coat, and a durable wood-based core to rest upon.

Why Choose a Laminate Floor?

The surface design possibilities of laminate plank are endless. The reason? The wood floor texture seen on laminate planks is actually a picture of wood grain! Essentially, a picture of a wood floor is laminated onto a plank and then coated with the same finish used on most modern flooring products. That means that, speaking literally, a manufacturer could print your family photo, bond it to a plank core and make a custom floor. Most likely though, all of the major laminate plank floor manufacturers will stick to producing the most popular wood looks and stone floor tile patterns using natural images.

Because laminate uses images of real wood or stone and the same top coatings as wood, it’s a great way to get the look of a wood floor. Since it’s not real wood, the cost is lower, installation is quicker, and you don’t have to worry about sanding and refinishing. If anything, you can simply replace a few planks or the entire floor if it gets damaged. The affordability and style make laminate the best choice for anyone who wants a great appearance without the investment of a true hardwood floor.

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