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The Rest Is History

The family dynamic in the workplace is always a delicate process, however, when it works, it is a beautiful situation for clients and the community alike. For three decades, the first family of hardwood floors in El Paso, TX has delivered because of a simple dedication of spirit and love of the art to provide El Paso, TX and surrounding areas with a consistent wood floor design option.

Beto Bañuelos Sr. founded the company under the name “Pace Floors” in the mid-1980’s, quickly acquiring high profile projects in Hardwood floors. Additionally, vinyl, carpet, and ceramic tile projects were performed at several clients’ requests, so the work crew at ‘Pace Floors’ proudly increased to over 75 trained employees, including a part-time weekend apprentice in Beto Bañuelos Jr.

Customer Satisfaction

Thousands of references; new friends made, trials and triumphs and 34 years later—Wood Floors By Beto, Inc. is continuing the legacy. After a deliberate hiatus to enjoy family and accomplish another college degree, Beto and Maribel Bañuelos reopened the company on the west side of El Paso, TX and renamed the business “Wood Floors By Beto”.

Today, the company is finding new paths in ways to satisfy customers through self-assessment, as well as client feedback and maintaining the innovative methods that helped place the company among the most successful in the region. WFBB is a trained member of the National Wood Flooring Association, lending resources to the community that includes Sanding, Installation and Repair mastery, project design and several more aspects of the trade. Wood Floors By Beto is committed as always to doing things the right way—lending specific attention to details.


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